A Mondrian, initially created by and named after Dutch painter and theoretician Piet Mondrian is a composition made of with simple elements, such as squares and rectangles defined by vertical and horizontal lines. The canvas is typically small and uses only the simplest of colours: red, blue, yellow, black and white. Piet named his initial Mondrians with roman numerals. This app allows you to create your own Mondrian by selecting the number and colours of elements and name your creation in the Piet Mondrian way.

The idea of this app was inspired by Jen Simmon's Web Design Experiment. In her original experiment, Jen deconstructed the original Mondrian artwork elements and reconstructed them together with CSS Grid. This app is an interactive version of the experiment. With the power of Javascript, the app randomly generates a Mondrian every time you click "Create a Mondrian" and the Mondrian is rearranged as you resize the browser. In other words, you are creating art together with the computer. Pretty cool, huh?